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To "Do" the green is not just put a little 'plants in the garden, or in some corner of the house or the terrace and also think that all may go well together. Some people are convinced that just personal taste to choose the right solution. But it is not. The expert help is essential.

Even with a tight budget you can do great things and qualities. As architects and landscape of green, we aim to deliver on your vision, your ideal garden or your terrace. We will follow in the design, creation and maintenance of your green space.


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Designing the green can be fun, can be fascinating, it can be useful, it can be all these things together. You can design at various levels, what changes is the joint solution, or range of technical choices. Even a balcony should be designed.

Some people think that to 'do' pile of green just a bit of plants or all plants go well with all kinds of plants. Some people are convinced that just personal taste to choose the right solution. There are those who have an interest in placing plants in large quantities. And so go on ...
Behind every argument there is a design choice: a reflection scheme (when analyzing the flora compatible with its environment); an aesthetic consideration (when you harmonize the color of a flower to the prevailing hue of the house), or an economic evaluation (when you include the cost of maintenance of the garden).

Progettazione del verde

The lack of one of these arguments, reserve inevitably unpleasant surprises: if there is no reflection ecological choosing inappropriate species, sadden, and that sooner or later succumb; if there is no aesthetic consideration helps to make ugly the world with discordant combinations; if lack of evaluation economic one finds oneself then to 'chase' a garden that is too fast for our pockets.

The design of a garden must interpret the requirements of the host to fit in perfectly in place and its history. Must comply with specific rules that involve knowledge of the characteristics of each plant or bush, taking care of forms and colors. It means knowing how to dose the right proportions of 'together ensuring a charming and unique.

The beauty of a garden can not be linked only to a glance, but as a balance in space and time of each component, must reflect the harmony that every person in the search when you want to live its green.

VerdeAqua intends to explore with you all design aspects related to green your garden, terrace, balcony or flat, without neglecting any detail. Our experience and professionalism will be of your help in order to avoid certain errors such as for example the randomness, or doing things as they are, without a plan: the result would be the garden-jumble.

We will avoid the conventional, as do like the neighbor, and so on: the result would be the garden-photocopy. We will not be too influenced by "fashion", or the making encoded as required by the taste, the result would be an unlikely garden. We will not make a choice dictated by convenience, as to make (or allow to do) as it is easier: the result would be a garden anonymously.

We therefore propose that the Green is designed, studied and treated in all detail, to respond to the needs dictated by your taste, within the limits imposed by the environment and those related to the economic budget. In fact not all have access to a lot of land and / or lots of money to expend.

Our first objective is therefore to give you some tips on how to make your garden nice and smooth, because in the end (between ourselves) the important thing is that I like.


Love for your plants and dedicated them with the right care, with passion and sensitivity.

Both the green interior and exterior need regular care to ensure the survival of the plants that inhabit it.

VerdeAqua is specialized in the maintenance of any type of green, inside and outside, and is able to ensure the completion of any maintenance activities.

Respect the green needs through respect maintenance's practices frequency, it's our constant intentions.


It's duties for lovers of the green today invest now into the base and plant life: water.

The irrigation are necessary to compensate the difference between the water transpired by the grass and evaporated from the ground with that provided by rain, so as to maintain the carpet in growth.

The water must be distributed as evenly as possible and with a capacity not greater than disposed of by infiltration into the turf. If there are unable to absorb the amount of water, it must be distributed in multiple rounds. Please observe these rules of plant life is easier and less tiring if we rely on an automated irrigation system.

Automating the wetting of the green is now a "must" to which today's lover of Green can not give up. Therefore, the first investment to be done is no doubt that for plant irrigation. The irrigation system, whether fixed or movable, must be designed so that the distribution of water is as uniform as possible.

The management of irrigation through sprinklers and special unit more or less complex ensures rationalization of water use, total savings of the same consistency and valuable irrigation for plants and grass for which this factor is vital.

The ubiquitous rubber garden hose or other not enough serious device must not be more than a rare necessity.

VerdeAqua will guide you in choosing the system best suited to the needs of your green space, providing the relevant provision, installation and adjustment.


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